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Turn-Key Guarantee Real Estate Service

During the process of buying or selling a restaurant, several inspections are required. Often, the draft beer system is not included in these inspections.


Situations causing the draft system to go unused for any period of time promotes bacteria growth quickly without refrigeration and constant movement. Long Draw draft beer systems have longer lines requiring a Power Pack (Glycol unit). Long lines have more surface area for the bacteria to grow especially when the power has been turned off. The bacteria are harmful and will alter the taste of the beer. 

This program offers your buyers/sellers a guarantee

and peace of mind in one of the most profitable segments. 

Our detailed report will provide critical information about the system. Service records are rarely kept if PM was done. The majority of our troubleshoot calls come from accounts that did not have maintenance performed leading to failure.

The new owner will know the integrity of the system including any issues that may need attention. There are three levels to choose from giving the buyers options.

  • Preferred- 

  1. Complete system inspection and evaluation 

  2. Recommendations and options

  3. Detailed report

  4. One TAB (Test, Adjust, & Balance) service in the first year

  • Preferred Plus-

  1. Includes the Preferred level plus adjusting and balancing the system.

  2. Two TAB (Test, Adjust, & Balance) services in the first year

  • Premium-

  1. The Premium level takes this service to the next level by adding a third-party Engineer Inspection and report. 

  2. The Engineer not only verifies BBR’s inspection report, it also provides additional information on the existing equipment and their performance ranges. 

  3. BBR issues a $300 service credit valid for 12 months from the date of the inspection. This credit can be used for labor on any service we provide.   

  4. Four TAB (Test, Adjust, & Balance) services in the first year

Your customer will have the confidence to close knowing the draft beer system is at peak performance.   

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