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Re-Open Texas With Smart Re-Start

Many states, including Texas, required bars to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Texas alone, more than 6,000 establishments closed their doors not once, but twice. The closure has been devastating to our industry.

Those that are lucky enough to open their doors again will face challenges to do so. Some equipment will need servicing and one of those is the draft beer system. 


A draft beer system should not be shutdown for any amount of time without proper precautions. Long Draw (glycol) runs are the most affected. Unexpected closures often prevent the necessary steps to be taken during an extended closure. It's difficult to prepare without a timeline to re-open. We designed a program to get our friends up and pouring again.


Every situation will be unique and require a specific plan to open safely. BBR will determine a solution during the initial inspection saving you time, headaches, and money. We work with your distributors and gas provider to provide the most comprehensive service at the lowest expense. 

Also, special financing is available keeping you under budget. Contact us for more details. 

We are all in this together and by supporting each other. Locals helping locals. 

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