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Bar Track

The Bar Track Beer and Wine Control System is the no.1 draft beer monitoring system in hospitality.  Monitor unaccounted pours and over pours by tracking every ounce of draft beer and wine poured on every tap.  We provide an end-to-end solution for bars and restaurants that eliminates industry losses of 23% for the most accountable and effective bar management.

  • Has the fastest ROI in the industry

  • Track time stamped pours and sales, temperatures and inventory levels from your mobile device or computer in real time

  • Monitor all beer poured vs. sold from the POS, to hold staff accountable

  • Be alerted of issues as they occur

  • Cut industry losses of 23% down to 0%

  • Accurate inventory and sales data at multiple locations instantly

  • Tax reports with itemized waste reports to increase tax credits 

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