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Perfect Pour Program

Draft beer sales are often one of the most profitable segments in bars and restaurants, yet draft beer systems (especially long draw, glycol cooled) are often one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in the establishment. Most managers understand that sales lost to hot or foamy beer add up very quickly, but they may not know who should be inspecting and maintaining the draft beer system.

The distributors may service direct draw systems, but they will not service long draw systems. The same goes for the gas guys. The company that installed the draft beer system normally will not offer ongoing inspections and preventive maintenance. All too often the system breaks down entirely before anyone is called out to repair it. At that point, costly replacement is usually required.

At Better Beer Revolution, we see the pain the draft system owner endures when it takes days to get a system operating again. That’s why we developed a solution: BBR’s Perfect Pour Program, and you can become a Partner! Here’s how it works:

Step 1. BBR will perform a complete True Pour Draft Beer System Inspection. To qualify for our preventive maintenance program, your system must be operating properly. If we installed your draft beer system, you automatically qualify. If you have an existing system, our inspection will reveal your system health. We will furnish you with a complete report of your system health and efficiency. (Direct Draw $89.00, Long Draw $129.00). This inspection does not include any repairs or adjustments. If your system qualifies, you move to Step 2. If not, the deficiencies in your system must be corrected. You choose who corrects them. You can hire BBR or anyone else to get your system up to speed.

Step 2. You now have a draft beer system that is operating properly and efficiently. Let us keep it that way!  BBR is passionate about assisting draft beer system owners with keeping their beer lines like new. We are also passionate about helping owners cut beer loss and get paid for every ounce they should!

BBR will inspect your system and perform preventive maintenance quarterly (Direct Draw $199, Long Draw $249). This includes complete inspection and detailed report. It also includes repairing any leaks and other minor adjustments. It includes maintaining glycol levels and concentration to factory specs. It includes adjusting gas pressures to ensure all lines pour properly. Temperatures (walk-in cooler, core temperature of kegs, temperature of dispensed products, glycol bath) will be checked. Flow rates (product at faucets, glycol return flow) will be adjusted. Integrity of all lines (gas and beer) both inside and outside the cooler for proper insulation and seal will be assured.

Optional: Deep line cleaning. We use a recirculating pump and clean your beer lines twice! Once with caustic cleaner for 15 minutes, flush with water, then once with acid cleaner for 15 minutes. Flush with water. If your ‘free’ line cleaning needs to be upgraded, and be done professionally, we can solve your problem! This service can be added quarterly or annually. Starts at $20 per line.

Optional: Better Beer Revolution is your contact for the industry leading Beer Saver system. We install flow meters in every beer line, which allows owners to monitor every ounce of beer that comes out of the keg. If you need to monitor and control losses, this is the system you need. Ask us about it.

All equipment wears and will break down if not maintained. Preventive maintenance ensures the longest life, and therefore the lowest cost of equipment. The BBR Perfect Pour Program is designed to help draft system owners’ profit from the perfect pour. KEEP YOUR BEER COLD AND YOUR PROFITS HIGH!

Call Better Beer Revolution today!

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