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Draft System Preventive Maintainence

Is there a record detailing a service log? This is a great starting point showing us the history of the equipment. In most cases, there is no record documented if the service was even performed.


The reason is most establishments do not require documentation from management because it is not required by the Health Department or TABC. With glycol systems that were recently installed, the manufactures warranty could be at risk without required service. Another factor is management relocation and turnover.   

Benefits of a properly cleaned and managed draft beer system:

  1. Better tasting beer, creamier nitro beer, and properly carbonated beer.

  2. Colder beer.

  3. Satisfied customers drink more beer!

Keep Your Beer Cold and Your Profits High

The most important thing you could do for your draft beer system installation is to have an exceptional draft beer system maintenance program.

At Better Beer Revolution, we provide both quarterly and semi-annual  maintenance programs for line cleaning, and draft beer system maintenance. This program works with your scheduled bi-weekly cleanings your distributor provides. We disassemble every component from the couplers to the faucet to properly clean and inspect all critical components including replacing the gaskets and o-rings as needed. 

​What does a system maintenance program include?

  • Walk-In cooler inspection. Check F.O.Bs, Pumps, Regulators, Tap Devices.

  • Walk-in cooler temperatures.

  • Core Keg Temperature of one Keg.

  • Temperature of dispensed products.

  • Confirm flow rate of product at faucets. 

  • Measurements of glycol concentration. Maintain proper freeze point levels.

  • Measure rate of returning flow of glycol.

  • Take temperature of the glycol in bath and returning flow.

  • Inspection of CO2 tanks and backup cylinders to ensure proper functioning.

  • Inspection of nitrogen generators

  • Check for integrity of draft lines (both gas and product) inside the walk-in.

  • Inspect all towers for leaks.

  • Check the integrity of trunk lines in the walk-in, ensure they are insulated and sealed. Seal as needed.

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