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Inspections/ Emergency Services

Better Beer Revolution offers the True Pour Inspection. This initial inspection will reveal your draft beer system's health and efficiency. The process will determine where any improvements can be made to balance and optimize your system.

True Pour Draft System Inspection Checklist

Location_____________________________________________ Date__________________ Tech_________

At the Tap


  •  Check pour temperature of beer __________ °F    (should be 38°)

  •  Check pour rate of each beer    ________  number of taps     (each beer listed on separate sheet)

  •  Check cleanliness of each faucet

  •  Check for leaks at faucets, towers, drains

Inside the Cooler


  •  Check cooler temperature ________ °F                 (should be about 38°)

  •  Check pressure on each secondary gas regulator __________ number of regulators    (each one should be set according to product)

  •  Check cleanliness of F.O.B.’s, couplers, beer pumps, beer lines

  •  Check function and integrity of F.O.B.’s, couplers, beer pumps, beer lines, gas lines, trunk lines, regulators


Outside the Cooler

  •  Check integrity of CO2 tanks, nitrogen generators, trunk lines, blend boxes

  •  Check gas pressures on primary regulators

Glycol Chiller (Power Pack)


  •  Check temperature of glycol in bath __________ °F      (should be about 28°F)

  •  Check glycol concentration             __________ °F      (should be about 20°F. Freeze point should be checked every 6 months using a refractometer)

  •  Check return flow rate of glycol       ______ Gal/Min.  ( should be about 1 gallon/minute)

  •  Check glycol Level in bath

  •  Check integrity of trunk lines for leaks, hot spots, missing insulation, or ice build-up

  •  Check motor and pump for smooth operation and normal temperatures. Identify any noise, wear, or overheating issues.

  •  Check condenser for dirt or clogged air flow.

  •  Check compressor for unusual noises


BBR’s technicians are Micro-Matic certified and follow the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. This inspection is intended to identify any problems or issues your draft system may be experiencing. Any repairs or adjustments will be your responsibility. Please discuss possible solutions with BBR at 214-621-3096.

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