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Better Beer Revolution is a locally owned Micro-Matic certified installer of new draft beer/wine systems. Based in Lake Dallas, our coverage includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. 

Installing a new system doesn't have to be stressful, our process simplifies the install giving you one less thing to worry about. 

We specialize in glycol chiller repair service and troubleshooting long draw draft system issues.  

BBR has now expanded our service area to include Abilene and the surrounding Big Country area for our West Texas friends (our original stomping grounds). 


"CPA Chuck Deibel revealed that bars are losing 15-25% of their draft beer, verified by the results he’s seen in over 20 years, with over 1,000 bars and over 5,000 audits of his own." according to an article by

The most accurate monitoring system uses flow meters for real time reports. We got you covered. 


BBR is the exclusive Texas distributor for the leading draft system monitoring program in the industry. The US Beer Saver flow meters and cloud-based software.

Every situation is unique and customized to fit your needs/budget and make you money!

Let us help with your project!

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Open Texas Smart Re-Start Guidelines

2020 has not been a friendly year for the service industry across the nation. In fact, the restaurant/bar industry was the most affected job segment in the country.


The approach taken by Texas closed over 6,000 bars not once but twice. An estimated 30% will not recover and close forever. I cannot express how devastated I am to witness the destruction caused to so many in the industry.  


As for the lucky survivors, there will be challenges to open back up. The safe and correct process to re-start your draft system will depend on several key factors.


-Type of draft system

-Shut-down process

-Length of downtime

-Maintenance schedule

-Temperatures (cooler and power pack) 

-Accessories properly prepared (faucets, couplers, F.O.B.s, beer pumps, flow monitors, etc.   

-Gas supply shut down process

-Inventory (product) health   

With this information we will determine the necessary steps to safely re-open. 


We are all in this together. PERIOD. 


To get you up and running, we are offering delayed payments, reduced labor, and guaranteed credit (depending on the scenario).


Our goal is to help as much as we can. Let's discuss your situation to find a solution. 

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